Tina Muzondo is a graduate from the University of Western Australia, having majored in English and Cultural studies, with a minor in theatre studies. Having been the highest achieving drama student in her final year at Kingsway Christian College, she is passionate about the dramatic arts, performing arts and literature, and is an aspiring actress, musician, singer/songwriter and writer.

Being Zimbabwean born, and having been raised in England before her migration to Australia at the age of fourteen, she is no stranger to the term “global citizen”. Her exposure to western culture whilst navigating her own identity as an African born, black woman is what drives her desire to see more women of colour represented in mainstream media. She is currently active on social media, where she uses Instagram as a platform to share short stories and fashion inspiration under the pseudonym “little miss thrifty”.

She is also a young entrepreneur, having recently started a fashion brand called “Amare House of Fashion”, which seeks to celebrate the vibrancy and cultural depth of African culture through modern, fashion forward designs that are accessible to all.