Sofia Kouznetsova was born in Russia, before moving to Singapore when she was just four years old. She completed her International Baccalaureate at the School of the Arts, Singapore with a specialisation in theatre and currently studies Political Science and International Relations at the University of Western Australia (UWA). 

Sofia chairs the Volunteering and Community Engagement (VACE) Committee at the UWA Student Guild, working to represent students as well as improve the volunteering culture on campus. In 2016, Sofia was the Program Director for Micro Volunteering, which is a weekly low barrier-to-entry program which enables students to volunteer for short bursts of time on campus. She recently spoke at the 2017 WA State Volunteering Conference, drawing on her research and experience to present a paper entitled Removing Barriers: An Innovative Approach to Increasing Volunteering Accessibility

Sofia has been an active member of the UWA Community. Aside from her role as VACE Chair, she has previously been involved with the Education Council and the Women’s Department. She regularly contributes to Damsel, which is a print and online magazine published by the Women’s Department. She also volunteers as a UniMentor, acting as a mentor for commencing students. 

Passionate about the rights and issues of the LGBT+ community, Sofia leads the UWA LGBT+ Women’s Collective. Having been born in Russia, she is acutely aware of the hardships experienced by members of the LGBT+ community around the world. Sofia continues to advocate for marriage equality as well as an end to discrimination and violence based on sexuality and gender identity.

Sofia’s passion for social justice has led to her involvement with the Western Australian Division of the United Nations Association of Australia, where she currently acts as Secretary on the Human Rights Committee. She has been heavily involved in organising events such as Peace Day 2016 and Human Rights Day 2016: Refugees – Our Experience. 

Sofia hopes to pursue a career in the public or not-for-profit sector and bring her passion for social justice to policy development.