Sharon Tabitha Mambwe was born in Zambia and immigrated to Australia in 2005. Sharon is a financial planner assistant within the Westpac group’s BT Financial group division. Previously, Sharon worked as a client consultant within the Westpac group’s Asgard Wealth Solution boarding financial advisers and dealer groups on one of the most powerful platforms, which is an essential resource for every adviser covering all superannuation issues from employment contributions, withdrawal payment to transition to retirement. She previously attended the LINC program with Asgard Wealth Solution, which is a leadership program designed to help lead employees into their next career.

She graduated from Curtain University with a dual degree in Economics and Finance in 2012 and recently started studying advanced Financial Planning with AAMC training.

Sharon considers herself to be enthusiastic and optimistic and is always wanting to challenge herself by learning new things. Sharon is passionate about financial literacy especially financial goal setting, farming, learning about different cultures, food, equity and equality.