Organizations I Support

From the age of 6 after watching a news story about a fatal plane crash, I wanted to be like the volunteers I saw looking for survivors…

Throughout the course of my career I have endeavored to do this by volunteering my services to various boards and committees and organisations.

National Human Rights Program Convenor - United Nations Association Australia

The UNAA endeavors to inform,inspire and engage all Australians regarding the work, goals and values of the United Nations to create a safer, fairer and more sustainable world.

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Ambassador - 100 Women

100 Women is a giving circle, which enables everyday people to be involved in creating a world where all women and girls can live safely with access to health, education and economic freedom.


Ambassador - The Humanitarian Group

The Humanitarian Group is a not- for-profit organisation, focused on empowering vulnerable people by providing professional and accessible migration assistance, legal advice and education.


Ambassador - Water for Africa

Water for Africa is not for profit organization workingin the most remote villages in Tanzania. It works very hard to build truly sustainable water projects that are held to a measurable standard of success over the long term.Completing the installation of a pump is not the end of a project – it is actually only the beginning.


Board Member - Museum of Freedom and Tolerance WA

The Museum of Freedom and Tolerance Western Australia is a new museum/art gallery/research centre/public space in WA. It is designed to dismantle prejudice, discrimination and intolerance across Australia and promote the kind of cohesive and plural society where everyone has the freedom to live peacefully alongside each other, free from racial and religious prejudice and discrimination.


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